Our Services

Favco's facilities in the Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable Markets consist of a temperature controlled market selling floor and a distribution centre containing a controlled atmosphere order assembly facility. Favco is also a part owner of Express Fruit in the Sydney Produce Markets, providing Favco with direct access to a market selling floor and distribution facility in Sydney. Our presence is further supported throughout Australia by strategic partnerships with wholesalers in all of the major produce markets.

Whilst these locations and partnerships give Favco access to a very large and varied customer base enabling Favco to market entire crops of produce, there are several other areas that Favco is paying particular attention to in order to deliver on our goal of mutual success and deliver the highest standards to our growers and customers.

These include:

o Logistics Management

o Quality Control Management
- Current Accreditations include, HACCP, SQF 2000cm CODE , Coles Quality Assurance and Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA)
- Systems procedures, delivery direct from farm

o Information Reporting

o Research and Development
- Value added products
- New variety development
- Agronomist on the team

o Export Development
- DAFF registered, Export Delegate on site
- New market development

Favco Export Division


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Horticultural Produce Agreements

To supply Favco with produce growers must first enter into a Horticultual Produce Agreement.

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