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Family business built on family values

Favco is a multi-generational Australian family owned business with a global reach.

Favco is a strong, trusted, family owned business with our the global head office located at the Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable Markets. Favco is dedicated to delivering the freshest, healthiest, best tasting, highest quality fruit and vegetables to our customers throughout Australia and the world.

We support and work with Australian, international growers and our family owned farms to supply quality, best tasting fruit and vegetables to our customers domestically and internationally. Our valued customers include major retailers, independent fruit retailers, wholesalers, end-line consumers, international retailers and the food services industry.

We have a vast network of hard working, proud, dedicated growers and suppliers, which allow us to provide high quality, sort after fruit and vegetables year round. By doing so, we create consumer confidence through consistent quality and availability, which strengthens the product category at a retail level. This is achieved by our positive partnerships with our growers as we work together to meet buyer demands.

As a family business, it is important to us to achieve mutual and ongoing success for not just Favco and our employees, but our valued growers/suppliers and our network of local and international customers.

We have have a solid reputation for providing citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruits, pineapples, vegetables, berries and avocados, just to name a few, which we are able to do successfully any time of the year thanks to our strategic partnerships with growers and with our own farms.

For more information or to discuss partnering with us, visit the Contact page and select the department you’d like to get in touch with.

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We source fresh fruit and vegetables from all over Australia

China office:
For ordering please contact

John Grove
General Manager, Favco Asia.

Mobile: +86 135-5485-5994
Email: johng@favcoqld.com.au
WeChat: aussiejohn9

John is also on WhatsApp