Favco Marketing

Marketing and Retail Expertise

Favco has very experienced Retailers on the team that are able to share their knowledge, skills and can provide Retail Management with World Best Practice tips on:

  • Category Management skills – how to grow the sales pie without cannibalising what you already have
  • Joint Business Planning – COS and SOP plans
  • Industry newsletter updates
  • Store layout – advice and skills on layout, ranging, equipment, store promotions
  • DC design and layout
  • Best technology and process for ripening rooms at DC.
  • Best technology and layout for pre-packing rooms at DC
Favco Marketing

Favco can provide our customers:

Below the line support

  • In-store demonstration and sampling support
    • Support store wide marketing programs not just produce ie seedless lemons and seafood
      • Meet the grower/farmer visits in stores for events ie “Australian Produce week” “USA Apple week”
      • Shared category insights
      • Shrinkage and disappearance support
  • Roadshow support with experienced team members and growers
  • Display recommendations from global knowledge and observations
  • Australian Government support
  • International Grower Organisation support
  • Grower/farmer endorsements in advertising as required

Above the line support

  • Continued traditional mass media channel support
  • Favco have and will provide content and growers for ‘Fresh Market Update’
  • We also own our own farms and are open to utilise our farms and facilities for any filming/shots
  • Television, Press and Radio support when required
  • WeChat support and other social media
  • Continued funding towards event support like “Australian week” selling promotions, seasonal launches

‘Favco always starts with the customer in mind’

Favco follows the Fundamentals of Display

  • The Customer must see the goods
  • The customer must see the value
  • The customer must see the freshness and quality
  • The customer must see the utility
  • The customer must see the information
  • The customer must be able to self select