Favco!  Did you know FAVCO stands for ‘Fruit and Vegetable Company’? 

Favco is a privately owned family business that was established in July 1999 as a joint venture between two experienced fruit and vegetable industry families. Since then, we have developed a reputation for providing fresh, healthy, best tasting, highest quality fruit and vegetables to our customers in Australia and across the globe.

We are a multi-generational family business built on family values. We work closely with our growers to take their fresh, high quality produce to market. Our supplier role means we can focus on meeting customer demands while our growers can focus on producing the exceptional standard of produce that has made them industry leaders. It’s a mutually benefiting alliance, that we are proud of, as it creates success and sustainability for everyone involved.

Improving our industry is also important to us. Favco is also involved in new variety development, identifying and implementing improvements in farm management and ensuring our facilities are state-of-the-art.

Favco’s facilities in the Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable Markets consist of a temperature controlled market-selling floor and a distribution centre containing a controlled atmosphere order assembly facility. Favco has also formed partnerships throughout produce markets in Australia, providing Favco with direct access to a market-selling floor and distribution facilities nationwide.

Favco are experienced growers, marketers, cool-chain, ripeners, logistics and distribution experts with retail and category management expertise on the team. We are on the ground in Australia, with satellite offices in the US and China.     

Favco is an all year round supply solution provider, we select the best globally to supply locally.

If you’d like to become one of our growers or you’re interested in stocking our produce, click the Contact page and select the relevant department.

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