Favco Pre Packing

Favco Pre-Packing Facility

Favco lemons Prepacking

New Facility

Favco commissioned a new pre-packing facility in November 2017.

Controlled Atmosphere

The facility is a controlled atmosphere facility and also has dedicated cool rooms on site (4 x temperature zones available).


Two automated packing machines for net pre-packs are utilised (packs at a rate of 25 retail packs per minute).

Six machines

Six manual machines are also available for production of net pre-packs.


Automated check weighing is utilised.

500g to 2kg

The net pre-packing machines are capable of packing 500g to 2kg pack sizes.

Bags or Clam Shell

We also have the capability to pack in plastic clam shell and poly bag retail packs, in a temperature controlled environment.

Additional Space

Additional space is available to implement additional pre-packing machines as required.