Favco Farms

Favco Farms

Favco has ownership in multiple citrus orchards, tropical fruit plantations and pineapple plantations throughout Queensland.

We source fresh fruit and vegetables from all over Australia. Our reputation is built on our ability to provide fresh, high quality produce for entire crops, year round. We’re able to do this by increased farm ownership and continued investment in our long standing growers In addition to our own farms, we have approximately 1150 growers where produce is sourced from over a twelve month supply period. Having such a large grower base provides consistent supply of fresh product for the entire year – making Favco a reliable and good choice for local and international buyers.

We’re also heavily involved in new variety development, improvements in farm management and the environment, plus our commitment to continually retool and upgrade our facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We have a modern, temperature controlled pre-packing facility that allows for additional product packing options to customers – ensuring products remain fresh and ready for sale.

Our presence is further supported throughout Australia by strategic partnerships with wholesalers in all of the major produce markets. 

For the extensive range of products we have available please see Our Products page.