We believe in a ripe and ready program at Favco

‘the benefit of controlling the ripening process, is that the fruit ripen uniformly 

maximising internal quality and giving a predictable date of when the fruit will be ready to eat’

  • We have on site professional ripeners and our own ripening rooms. 
  • We ripen Avocados and Mangoes all through their seasons.
  • We can ripen for outside supply if required as well.
Favco quality checks

Our high-level process

Stock comes to Favco

Receive stock 

Quality checks


Ripening, customer order multiples and labeling retail orders OR for market sales floor

Our Ripening Facility

Forced air ripening rooms

Ethylene shot systems

Automated venting

Controlled & Monitored

Ripening systems are controlled and monitored with alarm systems to alert to any temperature variance or program malfunctions