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Favco USA

(for export and/or selling domestically within the US.)

Favco USA is a registered LLC company in the United States.
Favco USA is being managed by Brian Sands and his team with our USA office located in the prime quality Apple, Pear and Cherry growing region in Wenatchee, Washington state.

Favco USA Apples

Favco USA exclusively markets for a number of Apple growers in the US. We have pears and cherries available from this region as well.
Fruit is available from Favco USA for the US domestic market as well as export into Asia, India, Canada and Mexico.

We proudly do the marketing for the Strand Family around the globe.

Favco USA Apples

Left to right: Brian Sand – Favco, Roger, Jan and Betty Strand, Chris Deveney – Favco

Favco Strand Apples

USA Cherries

  • Our US cherries are from the state of Washington. Northwest America.
  • Managed by the Favco – USA team.
  • Washington is the largest producer of Cherries in America.
  •  The Cherry season commences around June and finishes around mid-August and all product is airfreighted, if going to international customers.
  • There are many different varieties, from Chelan, Bing, Lapin’s, Sweethearts and Rainiers, just to name a few.
favco cherries

USA Citrus

FAVCO USA manage the (counter seasonal) imports of Australian Citrus from Favco Australia.

FAVCO USA also assist the Favco Australian and Asian teams on Citrus exports from the US.

Favco has developed a consistent Citrus supply for the Global markets.

We have many years of experience managing strong import/export programs with the major retailers in USA, Australia and throughout Asia.

USA citrus products are mainly procured through our strategic partnerships in the US and sent around the world.

Commonly imported varieties:

  • Page Mandarins
  • Clementine Mandarins
  • W.Murcotts Mandarins
  • Navel Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Pomello’s

Commonly imported Citrus varieties from Australia into the US:

  • Navel Oranges
  • Murcott Mandarins 
  • Low Seeded Murcott Mandarins
  • Blood Oranges
  • Cara Cara Oranges
favco oranges
Have an enquiry?

Brian Sand

General Manager, Favco USA

Mobile: +1 (509) 669 4897 Email: brian@favcousa.net Favco USA Facebook Page

China office:
For ordering please contact

John Grove
General Manager, Favco Asia.

Mobile: +86 135-5485-5994
Email: johng@favcoqld.com.au
WeChat: aussiejohn9

John is also on WhatsApp

FAVCO is WQA certified, ensuring our processes, practices and produce are in line with the highest standards of the Australian domestic market.