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Favco is an experienced importer and exporter of fresh, high quality fruit and vegetables and exclusive Australian products. With nearly two decades experience in foreign produce trading, Favco has an excellent reputation among leading international chain store groups and marketers. Together with our partnership growers from all states of Australia, Favco has the ability to procure most fruit and vegetable produce to facilitate the needs for the domestic and international markets.

As well as our local team at our Rocklea head office, we also have registered offices in the US and China. Our US office is located in Wenatchee, Washington State. The team is responsible for leadership and marketing for a group of farms that produce apples, cherries and pears.

Our China trading office is located in Shenzhen and supports our entire global network of growers and customers worldwide. Favco China, works very closely with the leading Chinese retailers to develop new and existing category plans to assist the retailers grow and their market share. Favco combines operational expertise and alignment with the best growers and suppliers in their categories to enable paddock to plate solutions in our categories with retail partners. Products available include citrus (navels, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons), stone fruit (cherries, mangos, lychees) and apples.

Our storage warehouse located at M Block, Brisbane Markets, provides 7,500 cubic metres of cold room space for mass storage of a range of products, including citrus, tropical fruits, vegetables and leafy products. Our warehouse is DoA (formerly AQIS/DAFF) certified for export pre-clearance inspections, loading and storage of quarantine produce. The warehouse also has container (airfreight and seafreight) loading facilities to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved for exporting produce quickly, safely and with minimal on-costs.avco

Australian Products

Australian Citrus:

favco murcotts

Australian Vegetables:

Carrots and Brown Onions.

  • Favco source Carrots and Brown Onions over the entire 12 months of the year.
  • Carrots are sourced at the beginning of the year from farms in Tasmania, though to July. Western Australia from August through to the end of December.
  • Brown Onions are sourced from Western Australia March to September. South Australia, October and November. Queensland supply from December to February.
  • We also have access to many other vegetables crops from around Australia and open to explore opportunities with any customer that is looking for quality, fresh vegetables from Australia.

Australian Stonefruit, Grapes, Mangoes, Lychees and Blueberries are also available from Favco, please click on the product links below to see more information on these products.

favco onions

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Chris Deveney

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China office:
For ordering please contact

John Grove
General Manager, Favco Asia.

Mobile: +86 135-5485-5994
Email: johng@favcoqld.com.au
WeChat: aussiejohn9

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FAVCO is WQA certified, ensuring our processes, practices and produce are in line with the highest standards of the Australian domestic market.