Favco Farms

Providing long term reliable supply is at the core of Favco's strategic goals. Through increased farm ownership and continued investment in our long standing grower partnerships, Favco aims to ensure that this strategy continues to be a reality.  Involvement in new variety development, improvements in farm management and a commitment to continually retool and upgrade our facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and technology further support this effort. 

It also means that Favco is well placed to meet its goal - mutual success - today and in the future.

Please follow the links below for an overview of our farms and those of our strategic growing partners.

Favco's Own Farms

Favco owns citrus farms and has growing partnerships in Mundubbera and Mareeba in North Queensland.

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Favco's Growing Partners

Favco sources fresh fruit and vegetables from all over Australia.

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Horticultural Produce Agreements

To supply Favco with produce growers must first enter into a Horticultural Produce Agreement.

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Growing Partners Secure Intranet

Growing Partners of Favco are invited to access our secure intranet link to source a range of relevant information including the following:

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